Reveal Your Best Revenue Opportunities with  Predictive AI

Most lead scoring models don't work because they're full of assumptions and biases. Delineate uses AI to reveal high-quality leads, upsell opportunities, PQLs, and churn risks using data, so you can prioritise with confidence.

Predictive AI

Enrich your CRM with the predictive data your reps will love you for

Sales reps and account managers want to leverage their time. With AI predictive lead scoring, churn prediction, and PQL scoring, you can reveal high quality and non-obvious opportunities in real time - far more accurately than traditional scoring methods.

Workflow Automation

Turn insight into revenue, automatically

With over 300 integrations, Delineate turns prediction data into automated actions. Increase ROAS by creating custom audiences of those most likely to convert, boost conversions by sending email sequences to leads at the exact moment they are likely to buy, and reduce churn by proactively sending remedial offers. Workflow automation is at the core of Delineate.

Product-Led Growth

Supercharge your product-led growth

Find more and better PQL's. Connect data from multiple sources to know in real time when a user is ready to upgrade or expand their account, so you don't need to filter through thousands of leads to find the buyers.

How Delineate Can Help You Drive More Revenue

AI-powered predictive customer scores are far superior to traditional lead scores, which are fraught with assumptions and biases that make them inaccurate. Here's what accurate lead scores can do for you:

Increase conversion rates

Maximize deals by focusing on high-quality leads ready to convert.

Hire less without reducing revenue

Achieve more with fewer sales reps by optimizing lead prioritization.

Increase return-on-ad-spend (ROAS)

Boost ad ROI by focusing on the most profitable target groups and lookalikes.

Reduce customer acquisition cost (CAC)

Cut costs per new customer by targeting high-probability leads.

Increase rep contact rate

When reps actually trust the lead score, they're more likely to reach out to leads.

Increase lifetime value (LTV)

Reveal upsell opportunities to maximize revenue from each customer.

Reduce churn

Cut churn rates by identifying and getting ahead of churn risks before they eventuate.

Increase rep happiness

Reduce grunt work and "the numbers game" for reps, improving overall team happiness.
Use Cases

How Delineate can help

Here are just a few things you can use Delineate for:


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