Upgrade Your Customer Base

Delineate is an insights platform to help you find, retain, and develop better customers.

Customer Analytics

Understand Your Super Customers

Your best customers a worth a lot more than your  average customers, and cost the same amount to acquire. Delineate helps you identify, acquire, and retain more of those valuable customers by showing you what drives them.

Cohort Analysis

Measure Customer Cohort Health

Is your customer lifetime value and profitability getting better or worse over time? Use our cohort analysis tool to see if things are getting better or worse, and what's driving cohort health.

Key Drivers

See What's Driving Growth

Should you lead with product A or product B i your ads? Is that discount bringing in high or low LTV customers? Delineate's advanced modelling tells you what's causing key outcomes you care about.

Customer Segments

Segment Customers For Purpose

Not all customers are created equal. Whether it's ad campaigns, discounts, or support levels, Delineate helps you put the right offer in front of the right person, at the right time.

Customer Lifecycle

Analyse Customer Lifecycle by Segment

Identify your most lucrative products by contribution margin and optimize pricing strategies to enhance profitability. Know where your earnings are really coming from and adjust your product and marketing mix for maximum growth.

Scenario Buider

Simulate the Future

What would happen if 5% of my repeat customers stopped buying? How much more profitable would I be if 10% of my customers made just one more order? Use Delineate to build different scenarios and see what would happen if you pulled those levers you were thinking about pulling.

Product Analytics

Know Your Unit Economics

Which products make you money, and which products lose you money? You might be sitting on a winning product and not know it. Delineate helps you identify your winners and drop your losers.


Getting data in and out of Delineate

Regardless of where your data lives, we'll be able to work into your use case.

300+ more

How Delineate Can Help Grow Your Ecommerce Store

Most store owners are operating in the dark. With Delineate, you can reveal where your highest leverage opportunities are in your marketing, product, finance, and customer data. Gain a competitive advantage.

Profitability insights

Understand your key financial metrics such as profitability and  contribution margin to  make better decisions.

Predictive forecasting

Know what your numbers will be up to 90 days out, so you can have the right amount of inventory at all times.

Increase return-on-ad-spend (ROAS)

Boost your advertising ROI by automatically creating profitable custom audiences and lookalikes.

Product performance

Identify and focus on your most profitable products to maximize earnings and attract premium customers.

AI-powered customer segmentation

Harness AI to segment your audience effectively and identify your most valuable customers and personalize messaging.

Predict and increase lifetime value (LTV)

Predict LTV and reveal upsell opportunities to forecast accurately and maximize revenue from each customer.

Reduce churn

Get ahead of customer drop-off by identifying and getting ahead of churn risks before they eventuate.

Reduce customer acquisition costs

Enhance ad efficiency to cut down on customer acquisition costs and boost your bottom line.
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