Predictive Analytics as a Service

Delineate enriches your retail/ecommerce data warehouse with predicted LTV, churn risk, next order date, LTV drivers, and more - for every single customer. All integrated directly into your existing workflows.

Predictive Customer Analytics

Predicted Lifetime Value for Better Segmentation

Ads aren't getting any cheaper, so finding better customers with a high lifetime value has never been more important. Delineate helps you predict, acquire, and retain more of those high-LTV customers by showing you what drives them, and segmenting them into ad and email campaigns optimized for LTV.

Key Drivers

See What's Driving LTV

Should you lead with product A or product B in your ads? Is that discount helping conversions, but bringing in low LTV customers? Delineate's advanced modelling tells you what's causing high and low LTV in your customer base.

Transparent Models

Transparent Results, No Black Boxes

Our predictive LTV models offer complete transparency, ensuring you understand the performance of our models on your data. Unlike black-box solutions, we provide holdout and calibration test results, empowering you to make informed business decisions with confidence.

How Delineate Can Help Grow Your Ecommerce Store

Most store owners are operating in the dark. With Delineate, you can reveal where your highest leverage opportunities are in your marketing, product, finance, and customer data. Gain a competitive advantage.

Predict and increase lifetime value (LTV)

Enhance customer retention and growth by tailoring marketing campaigns, discounts, and offers around predicted LTV.

Increase return-on-ad-spend (ROAS)

Boost your advertising ROI by creating custom audiences and lookalikes tuned for higher lifetime value.

Customer segmentation

Use predictive analytics to segment your audience effectively and identify your most valuable customers and personalize messaging.

Reduce churn

Get ahead of customer drop-off by identifying and getting ahead of churn risks before they eventuate.
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