Product-Led Growth Scoring

Harness Predictive Insights to Identify Ready-to-Convert Users

What is product-led growth scoring?

Product-led growth (PLG) is a go-to-market strategy that emphasizes product usage as the primary driver of customer acquisition, conversion, and expansion. In a PLG model, the product itself serves as the main vehicle for customer engagement and sales conversion. Key to a successful PLG strategy is the ability to identify when a free or lower-tier user is ready to upgrade to a more premium plan, which often requires a nuanced understanding of user behavior and needs.

How does product-led growth scoring help you?

By analyzing product usage with predictive AI, you can boost your conversion rates and revenue growth. Here's how:

- As a SaaS company with a freemium model, you can identify which users are utilizing advanced features or exceeding usage limits, indicating a readiness to upgrade.

- As a digital content provider, you can leverage data to understand which users consume content most heavily and might be willing to pay for additional access or enhanced features.

How can Delineate help with product-led growth scoring?

Delineate applies sophisticated machine learning technology to ingest your user data and generate predictive models specifically tailored to your product and business context. These models empower you to understand user behavior at a granular level and accurately identify those users who are likely to be ready for an upgrade.

With Delineate, you can integrate new user behavior data into the model and promptly receive a predictive score. This score can help you determine which users are ready for a sales conversation and which users need further nurturing.

This strategic approach allows you to optimize your sales efforts, focus on users who are primed for conversion, and ultimately increase your revenue growth.

With Delineate, this can all be achieved with 10% of the time and cost typically associated with this kind of project.

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